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 Rules Implemented! Important to read first before posting

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PostSubject: Rules Implemented! Important to read first before posting   Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:29 pm

This is a section wherein rules are to be followed strictly! No offenses will be forgiven in this forum. EVERY SINGLE OFFENSE WILL CAUSE A ONE DAY BAN FOR THE OFFENDERS!

Rules to be followed:
1.) No harassing in this section!
2.) No SPAMS
3.) Unrelated posts are considered offenses
4.) St*pid Events will be counted as an offense! If you want to make an event consider the following:
Quote :
a.) Everyone or mostly everyone could participate on it! If little would participate please post it in Sub-Events Section
b.) Not another St*pid Event
c.) Not a SPAM
d.) Indicate the title properly....Not like ART event...If this rule is broken it would result to 1 day ban!
5.) Every member who participated and know that the event is a spam will also be banned!
6.) Stupidity is not an excuse in this section!
7.) Got it in the Suggestion/Bug Section
8.) Events are to be made for all members of the forum
9.) Please indicate those who could participate so that unrelated posts would be avoided!
10.) If you want groups, Please PM me

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Rules Implemented! Important to read first before posting
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