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 Opened via request(Not for CT students)

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PostSubject: Opened via request(Not for CT students)   Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:17 pm

Hi ya guys! Although I have made a different section for ya doesn't mean you can't participate on the other sections of this forum! All I'll be asking is for you to follow the rules...

And BTW, always check the event for the month. All of you are all included in each and every event.

Also one more thing for all CT students!

You are not allowed to post in this part of the forum! Post and you die!

Rules are rules guys!

Another thing, just because CT students are not allowed here doesn't mean I won't be watching you guys.

And one last thing thank Mr. FJTalampz92 for requesting me to open this up for ya!

Again, I would like to welcome you in our forum ^_^

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Opened via request(Not for CT students)
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