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 Application for permission(For CT students)

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PostSubject: Application for permission(For CT students)   Sat Aug 25, 2007 2:10 pm

IF you wish to participate here please do indicate his username and name. If you were able to invite 5 participating members from other sections then you will be permitted to join in this section without being banned by the admin!

Please post here your profile and the profiles of those you invited!

BTW, Announcements are not included in events!

If you were able to invite about 20 members of another section you will receive the title of moderator for their section and of course a moderator of other section will also be needed! For mods in this section please post it here! If you would like examples on how see the moderator search event in the Sub-event Section.

CT mods for this section will have a lessen requirement. You will be allowed to only visit the forum once a day in other words you should visit the forums for at least once a week. And of course participation is needed so that I could confirm that you are still participating in the forum.

-Announcement by Admin!

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Application for permission(For CT students)
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