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 Rules before Suggestions or Reports of Violations or Bugs

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PostSubject: Rules before Suggestions or Reports of Violations or Bugs   Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:43 pm

Before sending your suggestion or Reports please take note.

- Make sure it is really a bug
- Investigation will still start once the post has been read
- Be patient! Before we could fix the bug, We will go through investigations.
- If bug is still there, Please don't post again and again! I will suspend those who will violate this rule!

- Any Suggestions are welcome!
- Not all suggestions will be approved so please don't get angry if your suggestion is rejected!
- A voting system will go through! I will ask each and every member for their approval!
- Spams are never allowed here!
- Once approved the changes will be announced once finished so always check the Server Update Thread.
- Don't place polls on suggestions! Admins or Moderators will be the one who will start the voting process! If I ever see a suggestion with polls I will not take it OFFICIALLY . EVEN IF ITS 100% YES!
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Rules before Suggestions or Reports of Violations or Bugs
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