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 Ragnarok Event!!

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PostSubject: Ragnarok Event!!   Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:07 pm

Ragnarok Guild Events

Guild Name: (Undecided)
Collector’s Guild Name: (Undecided)

Event Holders:
~~~Mitsuganae(Creator )~~~
-Collection Guild Master
-Finance/ Treasurer
-Donation/Registration Fee Collector
-Prize Holder
-Item Collector
~~~Shiraishi(High Priest)~~~
-Event Referee/ Event Holder
- Event Guild Master
~~~Chitoshi(Assassin’s Cross)~~~
-PvP Character

- In every event, a registration fee is required. The registration fee requirement is noted in the Collector’s Guild note.
- The fee consists of two parts: one which serves as the main prize and another fee which will also be used for the events.
- The registration fee can either be items or zenies.
- The fee must be paid to the Collector GuildMaster (Mitsuganae) or to the assigned character at least 2 days before the event. (Assigned characters will be noted in the guild note. And is always a part of the eventholder’s committee.)
- Those who can not attend must inform the Guildmaster to be able to note the excuse.
- Latecomers will only have an allowance of 10 minutes or they will be disqualified.
- Items donated can not be taken back.
- For those who can not attend the event but paid the fee will have a reduced fee for the next event but the fee paid will not be returned to him.
- The participants must either gather on either Louyang(Shiraishi as the event holder) or Gonryun(Jilian as the event holder) or will be specified otherwise.
- Use the @go command (@go 14-Louyang)
- Other informations will be posted on both the forum and the guildnote.
- Eventholders are the referees for each event and can not participate in any of the event he/she is holding.
- Referees have the absolute power in events. Also rules will be indicated in the forum.

Note: Ignorance of the rule is not a valid excuse. And this will still be edited and is not final. Updates will be indicated in both guild notes.

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Ragnarok Event!!
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