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 CCIE Voice Labs: What to expect?

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PostSubject: CCIE Voice Labs: What to expect?   Mon May 20, 2013 5:42 pm

Entering into a CCIE lab and attending the tests can be considered as one of the historic events in your career. If you successfully pass this lab test of eight hours you can make yourself a successful CISCO voice engineer. The lab exam cannot be considered as a simple test which follows the written exam. There is no point in thinking to start the preparations of the lab once you qualify the test. The preparation for CCIE Labs should start together with the written test perpetration. By the time you enter the labs you should have completed hours of studying and labs, preparing for what is considered as one of the toughest examinations an your career. You must award yourself for being successful enough to reach that point.
As a CCIE voice engineer you will need to configure a voice network which includes device registration, routers, gateways and QOS. In the lab there will be a network that is partially preconfigured for you. There will also be a detailed list of requirements that you need to complete. You will be expected to troubleshoot the some basic network connection issues and system configurations. In short you will need to set up and maintain a successful voice connection over an IP. Before attending the lab, make sure that you are well prepared and familiar with all the lab equipment. You do not want to waste your time by checking out and examining the components. Complete your work as soon as possible. You will notice that the eight hour time will be insufficient for you, so correct time management is needed. Check all the connections and do your work patiently and try to complete all the tasks assigned to you.
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CCIE Voice Labs: What to expect?
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