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 Art Courtesy Thread

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PostSubject: Art Courtesy Thread   Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:28 pm

The Art Courtesy Thread

Thisíll actually touch up on more than one thing. Things will be added as well, so donít worry if I miss some things.

Okay, a critique is something where people tell you whatís good and bad with your art. Theyíre meant to help you, not insult you, so chill. Theyíre a good thing to have, and the better the critique, the more one will improve!

Okay, as an art forum, itís obvious that there is going to be art posted. Peopleís art! Art that needs to be seen and heard! Art that needsÖ Improvement.

And weíre here to help you. Most of us, anyways. This thread is being made to help people with critiques: Giving and Receiving.

Giving a Critique

Be helpful! Thatís the main point of a critique, kiddies. This can refer to two things: The good and the bad.
Good: Itís cute.
Iím not saying that you canít say this, but if you want to help the artist, itíd be real cool if you pointed out what about it you liked. Youíve got to be thinking more than that, right? And there has to be something about it you donít like, right?
Bad: It sucks.
Okay, I really donít want you saying this, and I bet the artist doesnít either. Itís okay to think it, and maybe even say it if you know the artist wonít go kill themselves over it, but say why it ďsucks.Ē Point out whatís bad about it, and how to fix it. You donít want to keep looking at art that sucks, do you? Well, neither do I! So help the artist out and say whatís wrong with the picture.

Donít judge just by your way of doing things. Just because you do something one way, doesnít mean everyone else in the world has to. There are different styles (but donít confuse style for error), so try to critique in a general format. Thereís not just one way to do things, so get out of your bubble, Ďkay?

ďItís better than what I can do.Ē Sorry, thatís not a critique. Just saying that is not going to help anyone, and it actually sounds kind of rude.

Actually give critique. Come on, it couldnít hurt. A lot of people here want to improve, and what you have to say could really help them. Donít be embarrassed or shy, we want to hear from you!

Receiving a Critique

Have thick skin. Seriously, there have been too many times where someone who has received a critique has gotten all defensive over what people have said. If you canít take a crit, get out of the kitchen. Okay, that didnít make the most sense. But seriously, if you canít deal with what other people say about your art, you probably shouldnít be posting it up on the internet.

If youíre going to argue, you better be sure youíre right. I say this because usually when people critique something, they know what theyíre talking about. If youíre going to argue with them, you better be sure as hell that what youíre saying is right. Donít just say itís ďstyle,Ē donít blame it on other things. Why? ĎCause chances are itís YOU. Not any other element you want to throw in there to save yourself. Listen and learn.

Be courteous. Really, I canít stress this enough. Thank people for giving you a crit, they deserve it for taking time out of their busy schedule (haha, yeah right) to help you improve. A little thank you wouldnít hurt.

Show that youíre learning. When people critique you on something, try to apply it to your next piece of art. Show them that you really were listening to them. I always adore people that listen to the crits given to them.

Donít be a critique glutton. Donít just post and expect everyone to comment on your work, but donít go out and comment on theirs. Itíd be real nice of you to do the same for others. D=

Youíre not here to show off. Donít just post your art here to show off because you think youíre ďperfectĒ or something. ĎCause youíre not. If you post art, expect that someone will critique it. No piece of art is perfect.
Got this from one of the forums. I thought I might find it useful for this section too.
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Art Courtesy Thread
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