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 pls stay

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PostSubject: pls stay   Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:34 pm

title: pls stay
writer: Josan

INTRO: (G D Em Cm<X2>)

VERSE1: (G E9 C9 D <X4>)
I feel safe today
whenever you are with me
I don't feel afriad today
cause i can see you standing there right beside me

PRE-CHORUS: (Em Cm G Dm <X2>)
and i don't wanna be alone anymore
and i dont wanna see you go

CHORUS: (G Dm Em Cm <X4>)
cause tonight i need you
tomorow i need you
I need you everyday of my life
and when you go, i'll feel sad
when you leave, I'll die now
I just don't wanna see you go
so pls stay

VERSE2: (G E9 C9 D <x4>)
I miss you today
I hope i see you again soon
I just wanna see you again today
so i can say to you how much i love you
(pre-chorus, chorus<x2>, coda)

CODA: (G D Em Cm <X3>)
I just don't wanna see you go
so pls stay(X3)

(G D Em Cm)

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PostSubject: Re: pls stay   Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:42 pm

Is this one of your own made lyrics? The one you've been talking about in school? Well, looks like I have chosen the one right for the job. I have assigned you to be the Music Moderator if you have noticed. You can move or delete unreliable posts. You can use the mod tools below
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pls stay
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