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 Moderator Tutorial

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PostSubject: Moderator Tutorial   Fri Jun 29, 2007 7:15 pm

This is might be a useful information for all the new mods and inexperienced mods. This will serve as your tutorial guide.

This is a part of the index. To be able to became one of the best moderators you must learn each and every part of the forum. And familiarize everything that is located there.

But before starting the tutorial I'll also introduce the posting section. This is below when your currently viewing a topic. Most tutorials found here are for moderators only but there are still some for the members.

Now that I have introduced 2 of the most important part of the forum let's start the tutorial.

Above is another picture of the index page of the forum. As I have said before, familiarizing it will lead you to the modern way of moderating forums. Now let's start!

Green - Category Title

As you can see now I have currently made 4 different categories for the forum. The Announcement, Admin & Moderator, CT Thread and Artist Categories. Knowing the category of the forum will help you in finding a topic you want to find or to moderate.

Example 1
Quote :
When you want to find where announcements are made.

You would certainly go and find the announcements in the Announcement Category. Going to another Category and finding the announcements there is considered "STUPIDITY!"

Blue SQUARE - Thread Title

Thread titles are needed to guide members and moderator. They are used to guide members in knowing where to post and find a certain topic. It also works the same for the mods. Thread titles are placed on certain categories so before trying to find the thread title find the Category first.

White CIRCLE - Last Post Registrar

Actually, it isn't really called Last Post Registrar but since it registers every single information about the last post made. Knowing the use of this will be able to inform you if your topic or post have been replied by another user. This is one of the most important part of the index page.

White Square - Reply Indicator

Somehow same use for the last post registrar but only informs you if a new reply/topic was post on that thread.

White Line - Thread Description

Displays the description of the thread given by the ADMIN.

Red Oval - Moderators

Moderators are high officials which are able to edit, move, lock or even delete your post. They act as helpers for the Admin in keeping the Forum safe from spammers, hacks and unsafe posts. I have given them authority to make rules for the threads that they are moderating. I have chosen a moderator for each and every thread supported by the Admin. They will act as lookouts for rule violators and spammers. But they as well have to observe the rules. Disobedience will cause suspension of MODERATOR TITLE and ban for 2 weeks. Also undeserving moderators or abusers will be have their titles taken and changed as SPAMMERS or ABUSERS depending of what rule they have offended.

Red Square - Topic Number

Indicates how many topics are in the certain thread.

Blue Square - Post Indicator

Same as the Topic Number (Indicator) shows the total of posts in a certain thread.
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Moderator Tutorial
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