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 Another neat tutorial I used

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PostSubject: Another neat tutorial I used   Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:36 am

This is another one of those tutorials I have used for the recent weeks! It has been very help where in I was able to see the improvements I have faced when I have seen her tutorials! I totally love her now!! WOOHOO! Just kidding I was never love since I was in 1st Year! Hard to admit but I did have a crush back when I was in 3rd till 5th grade! But I'm all over it now! Razz Love is such a deceitful truth!

This would cover up most parts of the face! Although I haven't asked permission from her, I did use her tutorial but I never used it in my own name! To Crysa if ever you found out about this I'm really sorry if I hadn't had asked permission to post a link but I do want to thank you for posting this tutorial! Thank you very much!

A thank message to Crysa if ever she did found out about this! Razz:P:P

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Another neat tutorial I used
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