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PostSubject: Note!   Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:19 pm

This forum was made for classroom communication not for cheating. Please do not post your finished assignments here because once spotted I was quickly delete it! I don't want this forum to be a source for cheating.

I have made this Forum for learning and to help other students if possible with all that I can do. This is even the least I can do to help my fellow students so please don't post assignments, projects, etc.

Examples may be submitted but only the asssignment you're going to pass. Only Headings or formats are allowed to be posted anything other than that is against our reputation as Computer Technology Students.

And as for other the other shops( if ever there are) please do not cause trouble or else I will directly ban you and you will no longer be able to use that computer for making accounts here. Even if you have 1,000 computer I can ban them all.
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